If you are caught up in a disaster please dial 911 and then follow the list of options available to you below this form. You may also attempt to dial 211 and attempt to chat with us directly. You may SELF ENTER YOUR OWN TICKET if unable to reach anyone so that your information gets into our database. You may also enter tickets for Health and Welfare Checks for family and friends in disaster areas. Enter detailed information, upload photos, etc, GPS locations and/or Latitude and Longitude positions, street addresses, phone number, etc


FIRST OPTION:  For life or death emergencies in the midst of a natural disaster always dial 911.

SECOND OPTION:  If your 911 system is overloaded you may contact the United States Coast Guard National Command Center (NCC) located at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC and operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year…Always on watch.  Always Ready.

Contacting NCC

  • NCC Watch Phone Numbers:   202-372-2100, Or 1-800-DAD-SAFE (800-323-7233)

THIRD OPTION:  Please use the Guardian Angels Search And Rescue Ticket System to share your need with us. Our volunteer teams will do there best to serve you. If we are not operational in your region we will pass your request on to agencies and groups who are actively engaged in your affected region.

NOTES: In the description please include exact details about your need, how many people are at that location requiring services, any medicines needed, current conditions of the structure and the impact on your structure, and/or other pertinent and relevant information that will assist our teams in getting to you. Please drape a white sheet out of your window or upon your roof if you require evacuation. If your party has a medical emergency please drape a pink sheet out of your window or draped across your roof.

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