Guardian Angels Search & Rescue is dedicated to serving those who are experiencing their darkest hour. Our motto is, “We are coming for you!” Get registered so that we can better serve and assist you.


1). DIAL 911 for your local authorities

2). U.S. Coast Guard National Command Center (CG-DCO-NCC)

The United States Coast Guard National Command Center (NCC) is located at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC and operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year…Always on watch.  Always Ready.

Contacting NCC

  • NCC Watch Phone Numbers:202-372-2100, Or 1-800-DAD-SAFE (800-323-7233) 24/7/365

3). Use Guardian Angels Ticket System:  Submit A Request For Help Ticket To GASAR 

Get Your Exact Lat & Long and GPS Coordinates

Click on tab below to open a new tab where you can easily obtain Lat & Long and GPS Coordinates. You may enter a street address to obtain results or zoom in and click on the map to obtain data for that location. You may also name a place to obtain results. Add this to tickets for exact location of rescues or ticket service request.

If you are caught up in a disaster please dial 911 and then follow the list of options available to you below this form. You may also attempt to dial 211 and attempt to chat with us directly. You may SELF ENTER YOUR OWN TICKET if unable to reach anyone so that your information gets into our database. You may also enter tickets for Health and Welfare Checks for family and friends in disaster areas. Enter detailed information, upload photos, etc, GPS locations and/or Latitude and Longitude positions, street addresses, phone number, etc


4). Chat With Guardian Angels SAR at Bottom Right of page

5). Skype With Guardian Angels SAR via live Skype or via chat at Top Right of page.

6). Email Guardian AngelsSAR for rescues at:

7). Email Guardian AngelsSAR for emergencies at: 

8). COMMUNICATE WITH GUARDIAN ANGELS SAR VIA ZELLO: Get Zello App on your smart phone, tablet, or computer to reach us with reliability via Zello. This converts your smartphone, tablet or computer into a powerful walkie talkie:

9). Add GASAR channels to your Zello App to contact our Dispatchers via Zello: 

Our official core channels on Zello will always begin with GASAR (Guardian Angels Search And Rescue)



GASAR DISPATCH COMM3 – Private Channel

GASAR URGENT CODE RED – Private Stat Channel

GASAR URGENT CODE BLUE – Private Stat Channel




GASAR TACTICAL OPS1 – Private PW Protected

GASAR TACTICAL OPS2 – Private PW Protected

We may create new channels as needed for specific responses and those will always have “GASAR” at the onset of the channel name. An example might be in the case of a major hurricane and a specific region of response, we may stand up a series of channels for example as follows:

GASARFLIRMA1 (Guardian Angels Search and Rescue Florida Irma channel 1)
GASARFLIRMA1  (Guardian Angels Search and Rescue Florida Irma channel 2)
GASARPRMARIA1  (Guardian Angels Search and Rescue Puerto Rico Maria channel 1)
GASARPRMARIA2  (Guardian Angels Search and Rescue Puerto Rico Maria channel 2)

Guardian Angels Search and Rescue uses Zello as one of our primary means to communicate with teams on the ground during a natural disaster. We can also communicate directly with those needing rescue and relief via our Zello Channels.

Get Zello downloaded to your smart phones, tablets and computer and get familiar with the fantastic reliability and clear global communications that Zello brings into play.

10). Dial 211 in the U.S. and Canada for their United Way staffed 24/7/365 Nationwide Response Hotline.

11). Download S.O.S. App and other apps at your app store. In one of your three notification emergency alert email addresses include  See links below:

Learn about the Glympse App and why and how we use it in emergency disaster responses:

If you are a potential boots on the ground responder or a person caught up in a natural disaster then you should get and install both the Zello and the Glympse App. One word of advice it that Glympse is considered a battery draining app due to the geo location features. Should you install Glympse make sure to obtain a back up battery supply, a car charger, or other means to charge your phone after continuous use. If you have a boat that you will be using in rescues or in the event that you are a victim of a natural disaster, go ahead and install a phone charger on your boat.

You can obtain the Glympse app and learn more here: 

Learn more about why we ask our volunteer responders to install other key apps such as S.O.S. and I.C.E onto their cellular smart phones. We also recommend these apps for anyone who may be the victim of a disaster, or in need of rescue.

S.O.S. is a free app that you can download from the internet and it is meant to be a push to alert of an emergency app. In this app you set it up with up to three email addresses that will immediately be notified of your last known GPS coordinates via email and/or text. We ask our first responders to include our email address at as one of their three notifications email addresses.

You can obtain the S.O.S. App and your I.C.E. App here for free on Android and very inexpensive on Apple:




a). If you need a regular evac or medical evac from a location, or structure authorities advise that you drape a white sheet out of your window or affix to your roof top. If you have a medical evac need and cannot communicate authorities recommend draping a pink sheet or blanket out of your window or affixed to your roof. Authorities and rescue teams are increasingly using aerial photos, drones and aircraft to perform first response assessments and this small step could beacon rescuers into your location to effect an evacuation.

b). Use social media to communicate your needs and particularly use hashtags. Hashtags are when you place # before your post or tweet. You will want to use key words such as #rescueme/ #Helpme/ #DDTRescueme/ #sos/ or if in a Hurricane disaster you can use the name of the Hurricane such as #Harvey/ #Irma/   after the / mark enter your vital information such as the following example.


(Remember that Twitter only allows 140 characters so you must be precise. The hashtag will group your request with other similar request allowing authorities and rescuers to find your tweet or post via Crowdsource of Social Media feeds.

c). If none of these options work for you team up with your neighbors to assess resources at hand such as food, water, medicines, high water vehicles, boats, canoes, etc. Often in dire emergencies the best solutions are the local solutions and the local solutions are often just one idea away from being implemented to save lives.

* Disclaimer Notice: We are a volunteer search and rescue and relief organization and we are an extension of a Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161. As a largely volunteer organization we may, or may not have assets in your location to effect a direct rescue or relief operation. We will attempt to coordinate with other parties on the ground to share information that you submit to us in order to help facilitate your rescue or supply needs. Our organization is not liable for any “good Samaritan” acts that fail to produce a rescue, or relief to your situation. We are here to try our best to assist you and we ask that you remain calm and that you get to a secure location for your own safety. Drape a white sheet across the roof of your home, building or vehicle to indicate that you need to be extracted. Similarly you can drape a pink or red sheet, or cover to indicate a medical or urgent need for extraction. Authorities and search and rescue teams will be flying drones and aircraft to effect rescues and they will be able to more clearly see your need visually in this way. Use our tools to get an exact GPS and Lat and Long of your position. If you are inputting a Request For Help From with GASAR on behalf of a friend, neighbor or loved one please indicate that clearly as well and please take the extra needed step to provide all of the actionable information that we need such as address, phone numbers, names, current status, last status, health issues, pets, nature of disaster or rescue assistance needed and also plot their GPS and Lat and Long with our tools and copy and paste that into the Request for Help Ticket.


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