Guardian Angels Search and Rescue uses Zello as one of our primary means to communicate with teams on the ground during a natural disaster. We can also communicate directly with those needing rescue and relief via our Zello Channels.

Get Zello downloaded to your smart phones, tablets and computer and get familiar with the fantastic reliability and clear global communications that Zello brings into play.

Learn about Zello and how we use Zello in emergency responses and why:

Learn about the Glympse App and why and how we use it in emergency disaster responses:

If you are a potential boots on the ground responder then you should get and install bothe the Zello and the Glympse App. One word of advice it that Glympse is considered a battery draining app due to the geo location features. Should you install Glympse make sure to obtain a back up battery supply, a car charger, or other means to charge your phone after continuous use. If you have a boat that you will be using in rescues or in the event that you are a victim of a natural disaster, go ahead and install a phone charger on your boat.

You can obtain the Glympse app and learn more here: 

Learn more about why we ask our volunteer responders to install other key apps such as S.O.S. and I.C.E onto their cellular smart phones. We also recommend these apps for anyone who may be the victim of a disaster, or in need of rescue.

S.O.S. is a free app that you can download from the internet and it is meant to be a push to alert of an emergency app. In this app you set it up with up to three email addresses that will immediately be notified of your last known GPS coordinates via email and/or text. We ask our first responders to include our email address at as one of their three notifications email addresses.

You can obtain the S.O.S. App and your I.C.E. App here for free on Android and very inexpensive on Apple:




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