DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: Welcome to Guardian Angels Search And Rescue website. Please use all of the tools, resources and technologies that we have made available here to get yourself rescued, or to get your urgent needs met in a time of disaster. If you are a loved one or a family member submitting a ticket, or information for someone else please make sure to submit the correct information so as to not waste time. It is unlawful and against U.S. laws to fraudulently submit any request for emergency assistance that is untruthful or blatantly false. Please note that our technologies have the capabilities to track I.P. addresses as well as other identifiable information with which authorities could prosecute offenders who put others at risk by submitting false and untruthful rescue or support request. We take our work very seriously, professionally and personally. All of our volunteers place themselves in harms way that others might live and thus we earnestly and zealously refer such individuals, and/or, groups over to lawful authorities. As a largely volunteer, citizen to citizen, mutual aide group we do our best to come to your aide for rescues and the supply of food, water, medications, etc. as we are able, enabled and present on the ground. If we are not actively working a disaster we my still take request tickets in collaboration with teams on the ground, local, state and federal authorities in order to organize and prioritize search and rescue and disaster assistance operation. To that end we may pass your request for help and related information on to other volunteer organizations, search and rescue groups, FEMA, the National Guard, local, state and Federal Authorities in order to put into effect your rescue or supply of needed items. We are not liable for any failure to rescue anyone, nor to resupply anyone as we operate under the “good Samaritan” laws in a responsible, organized way, yet in the midst of extreme weather and chaos. We affirm to you that we will do the absolute best that we can and God will help do the rest. We are coming for you! 

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