Guardian Angels Search And Rescue is an operational arm of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161, a two decades U.S. based non profit with a Q33 – International Relief Coding

Organizations that work to relieve poverty in developing countries by providing funds, technical assistance and supplies which improve the health, education, welfare, social well-being and self-reliance of individuals and families. Also included are organizations that provide relief services in response to a major disaster or large-scale emergency that occurs abroad.

Key words: Foreign Child Sponsorship; Foreign Orphanages; Humanitarian Aid; International Childrens Aid ; International Childrens Relief; International Disaster Assistance; International Disaster Relief; International Earthquake Relief; International Flood Relief; International Relief Agencies; Overseas Child Sponsorship; UNICEF

Scope notes: Includes: Faith-based organizations only if they provide some type of physical, non-religious aid to a foreign population in need, regardless of other spiritual activities.

Our umbrella organization has an extensive history of disaster assistance responses both nationally and internationally.

MDC has served in search and rescue and international relief and reconstruction in Honduras during Hurricane Mitch. We also fielded MDC Disaster Assistance Response Teams in El Salvador during the dual earthquakes, where we worked to form nationwide reponse committees who operated nationwide to bring disaster search and rescue and rebuilding to the nation of El Salvador. MDC operated again during the Haiti earthquake where we launched the #rescuemehaiti/ #Hashtag that went viral and saved many lives. MDC operated during Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. and served the populations of South Louisiana with disaster response and rebuilding efforts including participation in food and water distributions and facilitation of large groups of volunteers for mucking and rebuilding efforts.

Most recently MDC has participated in helping to provide key virtual dispatching services to the teams serving ground during Hurricane Harvey in Texas. We concluded a vital mission there helping to save many lives and rescuing many people in that tragic event. As we moved into Florida for Hurricane Irma we encountered some need to operate at a grass roots level and we began operating as a “Citizen to Citizen” search and rescue and relief group. Again we have been able to do amazing and incredible things through our virtual dispatchers, our core team, and most of all the great people on the ground who are citizens from all walks of life.

We have taken a deep breath as Hurricane Maria has plummeted Puerto Rico into catastrophic damage and the need for a greater collaborative organizational responses. The resulting agency that has emerged as an arm of MDC501(c)(3) is “Guardian Angels Search And Rescue” which is as of September 21, 2017 our formal search and rescue disaster response group.  We look forward to serving those in need during natural and man made disasters by leaning upon our combined experiences, and our care for our nation, it’s people, as well as those other nations affected so dramatically by such raging disasters.

We are open to work in unique collaborative partnerships with other like minded and compatible search and rescue teams and disaster response groups who wish to respond to natural and manmade disasters under our organizational entity, either on a short term or long term basis. If your organization or group would like to form a collaborative partnership with us please contact us at: to express you interest and to share about your organization, its assets, capabilities, teams and other vital information.

We have need of volunteers to formally register with us to be vetted and onboarded into our volunteer databases. We also have need for donations to help cover our ongoing operations and organizational stand up. Your tax deducible gift today will save lives.


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